Author: Arti

I am a writer and novelist from London. I have written the short story His Side, Her Side, Facebook & The Truth. My second novel The Beauty of Decisions was released in 2017 and explores the south of Italy. Cities and villages around the world fascinate me through the food they produce and the people I’ve met.

The Beauty of Decisions – Book Launch & Release

On the 2nd of December I celebrated the release of The Beauty of Decisions. The e-book was released on 30th November 2017, followed by the paperback on 1st of December 2017, in Melbourne Australia.

The book launch was held at Lucky Coq, on Melbourne’s popular Chapel Street. It was an incredible night with pizzas, sides and drink flowing for everyone. After meeting and greeting, a short talk on the book went well, followed-up by thunderous applause. I felt like that applause would never end.

The Beauty of Decisions - Book Launch Main

Thank you to everyone who came to see me, hear about the book and celebrate this accomplishment. I’ve worked on this book for so many years and it’s a privilege to share it with the world.

You can purchase the Australian e-book via Amazon Australia.

The Kindle Edition for the UK and the paperback can both be bought on Amazon.


It has been a long time in the making but I am finally publishing The Beauty of Decisions. It was the name of my first blog. It was also the name of a poem I wrote when I was young and it’s the name of this page. Coming soon to download and purchase print copies via Amazon and other outlets.

 Moving to Australia meant I had to finally finish the book I wrote when I was living in Italy. The sleepy village of Campobasso in regional southern Italy is where I began writing The Beauty of Decisions. I have a picture of the exact view I was looking-out on when the ideas for this novel started to come to me. It was a spot two minutes from my apartment, next to a restaurant with the best calzone pizza.
I’ve tried to stay as true to the essence of the place and the small details of the establishments I frequented while living there. I let my mind wander and wove a fictional story that would liven up the uphill cobbled streets of Campobasso. The characters came to life while I lived there, I created two main characters that didn’t fit. I wanted them to stand out among the feisty Italians.
To bring them to life even more, I had Cassie’s room mate, Carmen, and the local bar men, along with Cassie’s work colleague. These characters were given life while I met local Italians who lived around the neighbouring villages.  It’s their personalities that stood out to me the most, and I hope I’ve done enough to portray this in The Beauty of Decisions.

The Beauty of Decisions - Coming Soon