It has been a long time in the making but I am finally publishing The Beauty of Decisions. It was the name of my first blog. It was also the name of a poem I wrote when I was young and it’s the name of this page. Coming soon to download and purchase print copies via Amazon and other outlets.

 Moving to Australia meant I had to finally finish the book I wrote when I was living in Italy. The sleepy village of Campobasso in regional southern Italy is where I began writing The Beauty of Decisions. I have a picture of the exact view I was looking-out on when the ideas for this novel started to come to me. It was a spot two minutes from my apartment, next to a restaurant with the best calzone pizza.
I’ve tried to stay as true to the essence of the place and the small details of the establishments I frequented while living there. I let my mind wander and wove a fictional story that would liven up the uphill cobbled streets of Campobasso. The characters came to life while I lived there, I created two main characters that didn’t fit. I wanted them to stand out among the feisty Italians.
To bring them to life even more, I had Cassie’s room mate, Carmen, and the local bar men, along with Cassie’s work colleague. These characters were given life while I met local Italians who lived around the neighbouring villages.  It’s their personalities that stood out to me the most, and I hope I’ve done enough to portray this in The Beauty of Decisions.

The Beauty of Decisions - Coming Soon